Friday, August 16, 2013

Beauty Blender: Is It Worth The Hype?

    I finally caved and bought this little gem after hearing so much about it! So what made me purchase it? I was getting tired of my makeup brushes caking up and wanted a light flawless finish for summer. When I received it in the mail I was so excited to try it out, but one problem--how do I use it?! Now I'm here to help all of you with that same question. PLUS we'll discover if its really worth all the hype its received.

     First things first, I got mine off Amazon (I pretty much get everything off of here) and there were many different "packages". I chose this one which included two beauty blenders as well as a cleaner--did I mention it packed a pretty hefty price tag ($33)?  

  • Leaves a flawless, airbrushed finish
  • Doesn't look cake-y (I guess that kinda goes with the point above)
  • Uses less makeup because a little goes a long way!
  • Quick application 
  • The crazy price! Remember those old wedge makeup sponges your grandma uses? The ones that are like 99 cents....
  • They are almost impossible to clean completely. I would suggest skipping out on their makeup cleanser because you can clean this sponge just as well with baby shampoo or dish soap.
  • If you don't clean the Beauty Blender after every use it can cause your skin to break out due to all the bacteria build up.
  • With great care they will last for a few months, but not for years like your makeup brushes.

Now let's take a look at how to actually use this odd shaped sponge!

 1. Dampen your sponge. I like to run it under the water, squeeze, repeat. Once I feel like it has expanded I will squeeze out as much water as I can until it is damp. As you can see, it definitely expands and is meant to be used damp.
 2. Apply a pea sized amount of your foundation to the sponge. Quickly tap along small sections of your face. I like to use the tapered top of the sponge to apply foundation to around my nose and under my eyes.

3.When you're finished, you'll have a dirty Beauty Blender like the one on the left.

4. Using any sort of brush cleaner, baby shampoo, or dish soap thoroughly clean your Beauty Blender. Really massage the soap into the sponge and repeat until it seems like there isn't anymore foundation coming out. It looks much better, but still not back to brand new!

When asked if the Beauty Blender is "Worth the Hype",  I'd say 'yes'. It is very over priced, but its a great concept. I'll be keeping an eye out for some good dupes to this brush. I've heard many of the dupes from drugstores and Ulta are too hard and do not compare. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who does not want to keep up with cleaning it.

Now its your turn to decide! Do you think the Beauty Blender is worth the hype?


  1. Thank you for the thorough explanation on beauty blenders! I think I might give it a try. I did see one for a couple dollars at Marshalls but I can't guarantee the quality...

  2. Thank you for your opinion/ suggestions. I bought one from Ulta for less than $4 and it is pretty soft. I've used it a few times but being a mom of 2 busy boys I find it takes up time cleaning and all that and wetting it enough before applying (I know that sounds lazy). I do like it though bc I feel like it gets in all the crevices and covers evenly.

  3. Oh, thanks! I've been wanting an honest review. ^^ I'll be sticking with my brushes. I like it when things like this last more than months.