Sunday, August 25, 2013

Revive Your Mascara!

  I always feel like my mascara is drying out! Its the #1 thing I have to constantly repurchase for makeup collection. I always make the mistake of buying more than one at a time and they never last as long as they should. VOILA! I have an AMAZING solution for your dried out, almost-empty mascara tube. This quick little tip will be saving you money, and all those trips to the drugstore.

  When your mascara life is running out, or drying up simple drop 4-5 drops of eyedrops or saline solution into the bottle and use your want to mix it around. Eyedrops can tend to irritate my eyes, so I prefer using saline solution which I already have laying around from my contacts! It brings your mascara back to life instantly. 

  The only setback I have is when I go to take off my makeup. It I just use water on my eyes to wash off my mascara, it tends to irritate my eyes. It must have something to do with the saline solution mixture. However, if I use makeup remover pads, I cannot tell the difference between a brand new bottle of mascara and my new concoction! 

  And there you have it! A quick fix to reviving your mascara!


  1. wow i'ed never thinck of that

  2. Thats really helpful ! What made you think of using eye drops or saline ? -thanks

  3. wow thank you so much this is very helpful! i thought my Lorel Voluminous had run out! thanks again :)

  4. This is an amazing tip, thank for saving me money!

  5. Awesome tip! I pinned this on my pinterest so I won't forget :)