Friday, February 21, 2014

Homemade Bagel Pizzas

Hello! Today, I wanted to show you guys this quick recipe that brings back so many childhood memories. I've always loved Bagel Bites, so what's better than even BIGGER bagel bites? The answer? Not much.

My boyfriend, Travis, and I love these because they are really easy to make after a long day of school and work and they are really inexpensive to make.


  • Bagels (we usually eat a whole bagel each)
  • Pizza sauce (one jar lasts us about three separate meals)
  • Mozzarella Shredded Cheese
  • Bacon Bits / Pepperoni (optional)
  • Toast the bagels (this is important to do first otherwise they won't get crispy!)
  • Apply sauce, then cheese, then toppings
  • Stick in the oven/toaster oven for about 10 minutes or until cheese has melted
  • ENJOY!
Here's a quick video of me making them!

If you decide to try these out, make sure to tell me how you like them!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pijon Box: Winter Edition

Pijon Box is a monthly subscription care-package box for college students. Each box usually includes some essential basics, plus some other fun or healthy items you might hope to find in a care package! Here is what's in my Pijon Box: Winter Edition!

The Cost: $29 a month or $25 a month with 6-month subscription.
The Products: 5-6 products in the following categories: food and snacks, health and beauty, essentials, and awesome accessories and gadgets.

Frava Naturally Caffeinated Juice: $2.99 Mine was in the flavor Peach-Mango and I'm still a little nervous to try it because I'm not a big mango fan at all.

Vapur Reflex Foldable Waterbottle: $7.99 loved getting this because I needed another water bottle. All of my other ones I left back at home. 

SmartyPants On the Go Vitamins:  $5.99 (for a four pack). This is kinda pricy for vitamins, so I don't think I'd buy these but they were nice to try. Tasted sweet like a gummy and only a mild taste of vitamin.

JimmyBar, Vegan, Gluten-Free, All-Natural Granola Bar: $2.49 I got the peanut butter and apple flavors. Let me tell you what, these were hands down the star of the box for me. I LOVE THEM! I originally thought they were going to be crunchy, but they were chewy--even better. You can actually read all the ingredients in them, they kept me full, and they are DELICIOUS. I was worried about not liking the apple flavored one, but I was very pleasantly surprised. 

Richer Poorer Premium Socks: $11.99 I am so happy with the color I got! Adorable.

 Girls Can Tell Notebook: $9.99 Not impressed, even considering that it is made from recycled paper. Not quite sure who would pay nearly $10 for this, especially since it only has around 20 pages... with weird squares…

Total Value: $41.44
Cost of Box: $29

Overall, I definitely got my moneys worth in this Pijon Box. I got a little bit of everything which I love, and this would be a great care package gift from my parents. Even if you don't subscribe to this box, go try a JimmyBar--seriously, go. 

Enter for a chance to win a 3 month subscription of PijonBox:

*Ends 3/10/2014 at 11:59pm

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Whitening Lightning Lipgloss Review

Hi ladies! Lately I've been trying out these three lip glosses from Whitening Lightning and I thought I'd share with you what I thought about them. These lip glosses are supposed to increase lip volume, reduce lip wrinkles and be super moisturizing; lets put them to the test! 

As far as increasing lip volume, they do not have that tingling sensation that a lot of lip plumpers do--which is a very good thing! However, I haven't noticed my lips looking any bigger (though I do have a large bottom lip to start with..). By "decreasing lip wrinkles" I think it merely means that when you apply these lip glosses they do not settle into your fine lines--instead, they make your lips appear seamless. I do not think they actually 'get rid' of wrinkles, but they are very moisturizing and look great. Did I mention how incredibly pigmented they are? LOVE that! Very impressed when I see a lip gloss with this much pigmentation.
The three colors I have here are Nude, Salmon and Fiji.

I also, love the packaging. I have never seen a lip gloss with a built-in light! HOW COOL! It also comes with a little mirror on the side. Now lets take a look at how they actually look ON the lips, because I think that's the most important thing. 

"Nude" is most definitely by favorite. A perfect nude color is so classic and matches any makeup look.

With "Fiji", you can really see how pigmented these lip glosses are. I mean, how many light pink lip glosses actually LOOK light pink? I'm going to love wearing this one come summer time. 

 Last but not least, is "Salmon". I saved it for last because its my least favorite of the three. Normally, I don't go for lipsticks or glosses with an orange tint. As you can see, I feel it brings out the yellow in my teeth, which is something nobody wants!

Overall, I would definitely recommend these lip glosses! Now, they do retail for $38 which is quite expensive for a lipgloss. It better be darn near perfect for almost forty dollars. Time to celebrate-- I have a 70% off code for you all (WhiteningLightning always have awesome combo deals too)! It's good for anything on their website. All you have to do is use code Sunshine at checkout. ENJOY!