Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pijon Box: Winter Edition

Pijon Box is a monthly subscription care-package box for college students. Each box usually includes some essential basics, plus some other fun or healthy items you might hope to find in a care package! Here is what's in my Pijon Box: Winter Edition!

The Cost: $29 a month or $25 a month with 6-month subscription.
The Products: 5-6 products in the following categories: food and snacks, health and beauty, essentials, and awesome accessories and gadgets.

Frava Naturally Caffeinated Juice: $2.99 Mine was in the flavor Peach-Mango and I'm still a little nervous to try it because I'm not a big mango fan at all.

Vapur Reflex Foldable Waterbottle: $7.99 loved getting this because I needed another water bottle. All of my other ones I left back at home. 

SmartyPants On the Go Vitamins:  $5.99 (for a four pack). This is kinda pricy for vitamins, so I don't think I'd buy these but they were nice to try. Tasted sweet like a gummy and only a mild taste of vitamin.

JimmyBar, Vegan, Gluten-Free, All-Natural Granola Bar: $2.49 I got the peanut butter and apple flavors. Let me tell you what, these were hands down the star of the box for me. I LOVE THEM! I originally thought they were going to be crunchy, but they were chewy--even better. You can actually read all the ingredients in them, they kept me full, and they are DELICIOUS. I was worried about not liking the apple flavored one, but I was very pleasantly surprised. 

Richer Poorer Premium Socks: $11.99 I am so happy with the color I got! Adorable.

 Girls Can Tell Notebook: $9.99 Not impressed, even considering that it is made from recycled paper. Not quite sure who would pay nearly $10 for this, especially since it only has around 20 pages... with weird squares…

Total Value: $41.44
Cost of Box: $29

Overall, I definitely got my moneys worth in this Pijon Box. I got a little bit of everything which I love, and this would be a great care package gift from my parents. Even if you don't subscribe to this box, go try a JimmyBar--seriously, go. 

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